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Mylar Film Capacitors

Mylar Film Capacitors

Buy Mylar Film Capacitors here for use in electronic circuitry and other electronic applications including Electric Guitars (Tone Capacitors) and Amplifiers.

Mylar Film Caps are probably the most common used Capcitors for changing Guitar Tones.

A Capacitor is device similar to a Battery only it stores it's energy differently. Capacitors can release most of their energy in less than a second. A Capacitor will maintain the input voltage and store this power ready to provide a boost when needed.

Capacitors level and smooth out Electric Guitar pickups. Most Electric Guitars use Capacitors.

The Most common Electric Guitar Cap's are the Green Mylar (2A222J = 0.22uF), (2A333J = 0.33uF) and (2A473J = 0.47uF). Bass Guitars may slightly different. We sell Capacitors for Bass Guitars as well. Please research the ones you need before buying.


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