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Ceramic Disk Capacitors

Ceramic Disk Capacitors

Ceramic Disk Capacitors use ceramics as their dialectic. The material that is an excellent insulator. Ceramic disc capacitors have a capacitance value of 10pF to 100μF with a wide variety of voltage ratings, between 16 volts to 15 kV and more.

There are two classes of ceramic capacitors available today: class 1 and class 2. Class 1 ceramic capacitors are used where high stability and low losses are required. They are very accurate and the capacitance value is stable in regard to applied voltage, temperature and frequency. The NP0 series of capacitors has a capacitance thermal stability of  ±0.54% within the total temperature range of -55 to +125 °C. Tolerances of the nominal capacitance value can be as low as 1%

 Ceramic capacitors are non polarised. These Capacitors are able to be used as a general purpose capacitor, since they are not polarized and are available in a large variety of  capacitances, voltage ratings and sizes. Many hobbyists, especially in the field of robotics, are familiar with ceramic disc capacitors used across brush DC motors to minimize RF noise and enhance smooth operation.

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